Business, Entertainment, and Technology

Career Readiness

List of Classes for each Pathway of Business, Entertainment & Technology

2021-2022 School Year

Updated 12/18/2020
Intro to Business - Understanding of the basic structures of all businesses
topics covered in this class
-Resume - Personal Exploration
-Marketing, Accounting, HR, Management

Intro to Business - Sports Entertainment Marketing
topics covered in this class
Marketing Plans
Event Planning

Social Media for Business - Learn the strategies companies use to influence the market
topics covered in this class
Create real life social media marketing campaigns
Behind the scenes of your favorite social media platforms

topics covered in this class
Digital Illustration
Digital Editing
Graphic Design Industry
Filetypes & Converters
Websites on

Intro to Game Design & Development:
topics covered in this class
Game Architecture & Logical Connection Planning Flowchart
Writing in game design
Digital Drawing for Gaming
2D and 3D digital drawing; Assets, Sprites & Pixel Drawings
Levels & Environment Design
Fundamentals of Front End & Back End Coding
Careers in the Game Design Industry
Game Dev teams
Game Pitches & the Business of Launching a Game

Intro to Audio & Video
topics covered in this class
23 Basic Shots
Principles of Lighting
Recording Live Audio
Set Prep & Monitoring Recording
Live show production, roles & responsibilities
Preparing packages for Production
Files & converting file types
Recording for Remote settings
Analog to Digital
Analog & Live Multi Track Recording for Audio and Video
Layering & Multi Track Editing for Audio and Video
SoundFX & the Basics of Scoring for Film
Foley & Audio Post Production sound

Computer Sciences TECHNOLOGY:
Intro to PC
topics covered in this class
Google Doc or Microsoft Word
Google Excel or Microsoft Excel
Google Slides or Microsoft Powerpoint
Adobe spark (Website, blogs)
Internet how it works
Email (how to right a professional email)
Typing Test
File types

Web Design:
topics covered in this class
CSS and bootstrap
Domains, Hosts and Servers
Photocomps & working with Designers

Intro to Computer Info Systems
topics covered in this class
Building a PC
Knowledge of how a PC works
Operating System, (Linux, WIndows)
Virtual Machine downloading and installing software
Introduction to Servers and Storage systems

topics covered in this class
10 fundamentals of programming
Building blocks of smart design
Beginning Object-Oriented Programming
Programming for calculations, designs, animation, user-input command and response
Beginning databases
Careers in Programming