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Why Business-Entertainment-IT? How do all these classes fit together?

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Previous BE&T COURSE OFFERINGS, 2021-22 and before

The goal of taking Business Entertainment & Technology courses is to develop some skills you can use in your life now, and after high school. Each of these classes should help you determine some of the creative ways in which you can develop your ideas into something you might want to pursue a little more. Each of the courses in this program interrelate and often work in tandem to help you develop your abilities. For example, you may never have thought of yourself as a designer, but after creating logos for your business plan, you might wish to take a design class. Or, after learning some web design skills, you may wish to learn more about business so you can create sites for local companies. Or even, learning more about graphic design and 2d animation in multimedia, you may wish to create characters or level design in Game Development. Below, you'll find links to the current year's syllabus for the course. These of course have been modified for Remote Learning. If you have further questions, please contact the instructor.