Business Entertainment Technology

Welcome back to the Remote Fall 2020-21 School Year.

We realize that many things are out of our control and that families are doing what they can to make things work. This includes a major life change at home and at Virtual School, our students had to adapt and use several new technologies to ensure they could still connect to class from home. This meant they had to adapt to wifi complications, machine or device failures in an environment that continues to unpredictably change every day. We are so proud of their resilience and fortitude to continue learning even through such challenging times.

Hinkley’s newest pathway, Business Entertainment Technology, began as Remote Learning in August 2020. During this time, new classes began including

Several new concepts were introduced by our students this semester. One of these was our new TBird TV Student News show which gave students a way to share what was happening in our community. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE. Intro to Audio/Video focused a lot on digital story-telling. They created a Hispanic Heritage Special Feature, a virtual Halloween Film Festival, and public safety procedures on how to safely re-enter in-person instruction.

In some of our other classes, students also learned several aspects of the Game Industry including both design and coding development in HTML and drag-and-drop game design programming in Game Design, as well as using new web applications to create graphics for creating characters, levels design, and more. If we are able to meet in person in the Spring, future classes plan to learn Unity or Construct Game Engines. Impressed students could accomplish so much from home, play Jesed Renteria's Virus Fighter Game, above. An Intro to Band class in Session 3 made beats and created Digital Music from each students Home Studio Digital Audio Workstation. Students in this class were able to create samples, make loops and learn multi-track editing. These concepts were later added to Intro to Audio / Video.

Students in ALL disciplines discussed data driven business concepts and how to promote using the internet and social media. For this reason, a future class in Social Media Marketing will be added in the near future. In Business, students learned about creating business plans and marketing new concept ideas through their creative work on new Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream flavors.

In PC Applications, students learned skills in all computer applications software and how to connect them to their future careers in any career field they choose. For the future will have access to introduction to computer science and web design.

In Multimedia, students learned different media concepts for 1st semester ie. magazine, flyer, brochure. For this second semester students will have new concepts of media for banners online and physical, websites, and making of logos, and to write and produce a commercial if time allows for a business.

Congratulations to Sophomore David Mausia for creating the winning logo design for this year’s 2020-2021 Hinkley BET Logo Design Contest!!

Executive Internship applications were submitted on December 11 giving many opportunities to Juniors with a 3.0 gpa or better the opportunity to apprentice at a local area IT business.

When we consider the future and Semester 2 of BET, we will build on the excitement that our students have shown. Our amazing students are helping to plan the path that we are forging within our pathway. From future projects, collaborations, or specific content, we focus on innovative and creative pedagogical strategies to anticipate future employment demands

Mr Jones and I hope all families get a chance to enjoy some fun time in the snow during this holiday break. With Mr Dumpert, too, all of us at BE&T thank you for your continued support and understanding through this unpredictable year. May your family have a safe and happy holiday season. Best wishes for a safe and healthy 2021!