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Fall & Winter 2021

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Winter 2021

We have a lot of excitement planned for 2022! Our courses were approved so we can offer relevant course topics that students can put to use as soon as they leave our classroom. Our goal is to equip students with marketable skills they can use in whatever endeavor their life. We have had MANY students form groups to produce music for local restaurants and celebratory groups in our community. Our students have had to plan everything from their fashion to marketing materials to original music to recordings to promote what they do. We look forward to the Spring when we can start releasing even more student music albums as well as Music Videos. Our students will release the Hinkley Welcome Films & New Course Selection sheets.

More brags... Our League of Legends eSports Team made it to playoffs already this year, competing against teams from all over North America. We are looking forward to what we can accomplish in Season 2! Also, all three instructors wrote for Donors Choose grants to fund materials and tools for our classroom and the projects have been funded! New equipment includes another microphone, guitar, keyboard, a projector we can use to show during live events, a raspberry pi and more! Lunches have been really busy and we simply can't turn the students away as more and more of them want to come in and record, draw, play guitar, etc. We are so impresssed with their how they are developing their talent & skills.

Fall 2021 Notes

2021-22 began Thursday, August 12 back in the building with 7 periods meeting every day. Like Staff, students are encouraged to get their vaccine and must continue masking while in the building and during the school day. 

Students and staff will also be sanitizing as has been the protocol followed from before to keep our building and people in it safe and healthy. Thank you to Ms Sharon Morgan and team for your continued hard work and extra duties since the Pandemic began to continue this level of safety! We appreciate you. STRIDE featured a student vaccination event on August 20 in the Hinkley Parking Lot and students will continue to be alerted to additional vaccination opportunities as they become available. APS families may signup to get a COVID Test, here. Families will continue to be alerted to changes to Safety Protocols via the APS phone call and email system as changes occur.

Business-Entertainment-Technology wants to personally invite parents and guardians to come visit during Parent Conferences, tomorrow, 9/16 from 4-7 pm. You will be given a schedule, grade report and opportunity to meet with all the teachers. We would love to meet the important family members in our students' lives, show you around our new labs and recording studio, and have an opportunity to share some of the amazing works in development by your talented kids! Hope to meet you soon!

Mr. Dumpert's classes are off to a great start in the PC lab. Multimedia classes are designing web pages and tables. Intro to PC Apps is learning the parts of the Microsoft Operatihng System computers and will begin computer laptop repair tomorrow! We are so excited to learn such a useful skill!!! Mr Dumpert also runs our eSports team that meets 3 days a week to practice and for competition. Current games for competition & practice days include League of Legends (Tues), Super Smash Brothers (Weds) and Rocket League (Thurs). 

Ms. Hansen's classes have all been working on digital drawing and animation in the Mac Lab. She is so impressed with the multi-instance 8-bit graphics. Game Development is building these animated gif graphics into a Choose Your Own Adventure RPG game the students have already designed through a prototype, game map and slides demo. Intro to Audio/Video has been running T-Bird TV News, is already working as part of a filmmaking production crew. View our channel and please subscribe to TBird TV to keep up with Hinkley Student News. Students have already identified their roles in this class and take it upon themselves to enter and get straight to work when they arrive on their audio, animation, graphic drawing, writing, production, lyric and beat-making abilities. Ms H teaches one section of Multimedia that started a week or so after the school-year began. This class will follow the same format as the previously mentioned course, but she is so impressed with what the students are already doing. They have created content from which to write verses to a sample-based music arranging software to create a full song. Ms H is very impressed that some students have already began recording some of these lines and mastering how all the tracks will fit together. Wow it has been a LOT! Students are also producing personal narratives defining who they are as Artists and identifying what influences their personal style. By this time in the school year, your student should be able to show you some of the work they have created.

Mr. Jones' classes have been working on a lot of new plans. Intro to Business has begun to introduce students to the professional world. They have created resumes and elevator speeches, which will help them begin to network and job search.  We will continue our educational path through marketing, management, and other company responsibilities.  Please talk with your students about what they are learning or if they are interested in a pathway including business development. Intro to Marketing has begun promoting school events including Homecoming,  Rumors the Fall play, and the Fall Musical Concert.  They are using their knowledge of target markets to develop student-led marketing strategies.  As a class we will continue a marketing education by learning about market analysis, marketing pitches, and careers related to marketing.  Please talk with your students about what they are learning or if they are interested in a pathway including business development.

In The Works!!!

Your Hinkley BE&T Teacher Team wrote for 7 new courses proposed for the 22-23 school year. They will be reviewed by Aurora Public Schools starting this Fall. We hope this offers students additional class choices and more modern content for today's current IT Business Opportunities in our community. Certifying Web Design as a dual enrollment CCA course for next school year is also in the works.

Lastly, what software and skills can students expect to learn in BE&T? When we consider the technology needed to run things, students want to be able to grow their skills in audio, video, digital drawing, 2D/3D & animation, game development and many other aspects of media production. After the Pandemic, your Instructors questioned "Is it more important students learn the concepts to be able to switch to any platform? Or should they learn one specific piece of software (like Adobe Illustrator, part of their Creative Suite?" This has caused students and staff to be more adaptable to creating with whatever device might be at hand, and be able to switch between Mac or PC, phone or tablet or computer, or even paper-created designs that can be integrated in media created by our students. Currently, students are creating using the following app softwares separated by device. Soon, they will be able to show you a thing or two!

Classroom Computers

  1. CODING: → Notepad++ (avail in google app store , but better if you download it) Eclipse MS Visual Studio
  2. GRAPHICSKritaGimp,
  3. ANIMATION & Stop Motion VIDEOGimpFlipAClip animator, Pivot Animator, or KineMaster VN App
  4. GAMING: we hope to soon install Unreal EngineUnity
  5. AUDIOAudacity
    These three can be downloaded to your computer. They always run faster when you install it upon your local machine hard drive

Chromebook or WiFi Computer

  2. GRAPHICSPixlr XPiskelApp for drawing game sprites or 8-bit graphics,  add GIMP Chrome Ext to your chromebook, and business & marketing classes use Canva
  3. ANIMATION & Stop Motion VIDEOKineMaster VN App
  4. GAMINGConstruct
  5. AUDIO: your M-Audio Oxygen Prom Mini controller will work with Bandlab. You may also try SoundTrap but I didn't test the controller yet

Phone / Tablet

  2. GRAPHICS: These keep changing. Every phone is different. Adobe DOES offer several lightweight versions you might try out ?
  3. ANIMATION & Stop Motion VIDEOFlipAClip animator, KineMasterVN App for StopMotion (more tracks for video; better than iMovie)
  4. GAMING: use your browser to run, or to run Construct
  5. AUDIOBandlabSoundTrapGarageband, MUSI, SampleTankLaunchpad, rec 2 tracks on Soundcloud App ONLY ON ANDROID

If you don't get a chance to make it tomorrow, take our BE&T Studios Tour by clicking on the YouTube link, at right. 

Last updated: 15 September 2021