Business Entertainment Technology

Spring 2021 BE&T News

Spring 2021 is finally here!

Business Entertainment Technology would like to recognize Marcus Macias as our Outstanding Senior for 2020-21. In Business & PC Application classes, Marcus is always friendly and helpful to others, has a positive attitude, and is happy to show his work for collaboration with his fellow classmates. Whether running a Marketing Plan for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream to support Athletes For Hope to creating examples to show fellow classmates, Marcus goes above and beyond. We will miss Marcus at Hinkley but look forward to celebrating his future successes.

Omar De La Rosa was the winner of a competition held in Mr. Jones’ Intro to PC Applications this April. The competition designed a logo for a new local business called Cozy Curated Home. His design will be used as the company's new logo. Way to go Omar!!!

As the school year concludes, students are reminded of some final things they need to complete. First, signup for classes for next year. Second, update their ICAP Game Plan Survey. Contact Mr. Dumpert via email at OR in person on campus (at right)

And lastly, students are reminded about the credit recovery opportunity for any classes failed during this school year. Students should email their teacher, directly, and ask for the makeup opportunity assignment.

Students should also have registered for classes for next year. BE&T is making plans to connect students with opportunities for certification and advanced topics for the following school year. For students who would like to continue in the BE&T pathway, they should ask their teacher which class to take next.

Below is a Spring Class Update of the many skills and endeavors of Session 5, 6, 7 & 8.

Intro to Audio / Video created meaningful Passion Projects that shared a record of some of the meaningful thinking they had during all the time at home during the pandemic. Students focused on soundtrack driven film audio and narration in Sessions 5-7 which really helped create more powerful digital storytelling. These classes also created a Black History Month Special, Culture Festival share outs and promoting our ever popular TBird TV, which gave us a real opportunity to share and communicate news with students and families during this time.

Game Design and Development students got to meet in the new Mac Mini M1 Lab in 2220. Students in this class are spending time developing characters and levels design using a new Pixlr program used by BE&T classes that functions kind of like Adobe Creative Suite. Our staff was very excited to have access to this program when classes went remote.

Intro to PC Applications got to learn about how to assemble and fix apart computers. Students started this course with a simulation allowing them to swap in and out parts of computers and design their Dream Computer Build systems. When we return to the building, students will be able to work on their own machines and do this in person.

Intro to Marketing students have begun to learn about marketing strategies, through analysing the sports apparel industry. They will begin to work on promoting the Senior Prom along with other school activities.

Multimedia students were very busy creating posters, websites & social media advertisements. This was a continuation from the fall semester when they created a flyer, magazine, and brochure.

Programming learned concepts of Python logistics, order and language.

Web Design continued their web skills, first brushing up on the coding they learned in the fall. This is another class we really look forward and hope is in person!! :D Students have said this at the end of the year. They said “At the beginning of the year I didn’t think I was going to like web design, but now I love it! I want to take it again next year!”

As we leave for Summer, we sincerely hope the students and their families have a restful and well deserved break from school after a very stressful year. May you play many video games, watch lots of anime, and make time to spend with family and friends before returning back to Hinkley in August.