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Spring 2022

 Spring is moving quickly. Its hard to believe that our Seniors will graduate in less than 20 more school days! We have continued our BE&T DJ Internship playing music for Boston Middle School's Dances and we even produced the entertainment in last month's Celebration of Success assembly. Corridos shortened songs and played a six-set selection and our DJs played music that the whole school danced to. What a great moment to be a TBird. We all had so much fun and are so proud of our young people! 

Below, you will find a number of updates to our BE&T classes and activities. 

Game Development and Web Development were selected to pilot a Micro Python language-based Gameboy we have been programming in class. It's been a lot of fun. Our school was selected as one of only four in the nation to pilot this device. That means, we will have to learn to program Micro Py and create a How To video for future users of the world's smallest raspberry pi computing devices.  

Intro to Business Spring has been a challenge and a blessing at the same time. The challenge of staying motivated is something we all face, but the blessing comes in the form of new students who are knowledgable and eager to learn. From writing a new Ben & Jerry's flavor proposale to a new project starting on April 26 called T-Bird Tank (a play on the show SharkTank). Ask your students to show you their work.

MarketingAfter a Spring of school promotions, and a Nike Promotional Mix Case Study, the students are working very hard. We will finish the year with a project on creating a detailed proposale for Denver to host a future Olympic Games.

Intro to Audio Video & Multimedia courses continue to create meaningful content on TBird TV. This includes preparing shows, discovering the news for the week and editing the footage for our students. Creating the news has really improved communication around the school and our students love to see what each other is doing in our school activities and feature stories.  

PC Apps students have been working on web designs and markup documents in recent months.  

Programming is beginning its Spring Session where scholarship opportunities are announced and our students are learning Object Oriented Programming, as they begin Python learning.