Business Entertainment Technology

Learning the technology lingo, equipment operation and practice are essential for student success. Business, Entertainment and Technology careers offer many opportunities for Hinkley students and we want to give them opportunities to put this into practice. We are currently organizing Code Contests, Career & Technical Student Organizations our students would enjoy, and in house apprenticeship & internship opportunities for our students. Running and produce shows has been something we've been developing from home but offers so many more opportunities when we return to working in technical teams. The Pandemic has given us much reflective time to carefully plan for kids and prepare a dynamic return to meaningful, in-person learning. One other opportunity we are really excited to create is joining the 21-22 CHSAA eSports League! More details coming soon!

CHSAA eSports League

In 2020, Students started TBird TV, a weekly video news show to inform students of news and events happening during the Pandemic. These videos showed a glimpse into what students were doing as they learned at home before returning to in person learning. Subscribe to TBird TV. Student led projects, clubs and activities are at the foundation of or department. If you have a passion or calling the BET department is here to support and cultivate your creativity.

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Several Career and Technical Student Organizations for Business, Video, & Technology will begin when we resume in person, Fall 2021.