BE&T Teachers

Business Entertainment Technology

Daniel Dumpert

This is my first year at Hinkley and my second year in Aurora Public Schools. I have been working in Technology for over 12 years, and now several years teaching Computer Science. I graduated from Devry University and went on to continue studying at Front Range Community College. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Web Design and A+ Certification in Hardware/Software, Networking, and am a certified Microsoft Administration. I look forward to bringing these skills to Hinkley in future course development.

I worked at a Movie Theatre for 17 years and 10 of those years in the projection room. I witnessed the transition from 35mm film to digital. A hardware guy, I think understanding both analog AND digital are important in understanding Technology. I coached a winning video gaming league and bowling for special needs students. I enjoy both of these things in my free time and I look forward to starting a new CHSAA eSports League at Hinkley when we return to In Person learning.

Mr Dumpert, Room 2407

Gina Hansen

I have been teaching high school students for a lot of years in a variety of Computer Media courses. A major focus of learning has been student generated ideas that are developed and nurtured into becoming reality. All of the courses I teach also focus on Portfolio-Building, Networking, Real World application and Post High School Preparation in which students can continue to develop their craft. Common course topics in New Media include the following: Media Ethics & Copyright, Animation, 2D & 3D Modeling & Design, Rotoscoping & Lighting for 3D Architecture, Game Development, Application Development, Logo Design & Logo & Branding Campaigns, Front End / Back End, Web Design & Development, Graphic Design & Digital Photography, Digital Music Recording and classes in Audio/Video

An early adopter, I have always been inspired by new technology and continue consulting on a per project basis in new media web development solutions ranging from branding to music scoring to documentary films. Current interests include programming, electronics, and analog synths & sampling. In addition to these interests, my work outside of school continues to focus on helping my community and is beginning 2021 by joining the #ihaveenough social media campaign. I continue to help support projects needed by those in IT Art & Music and the small business community. I also work with community leaders to hire students for projects that help to build their professional resume. Read more about current / past classes at

Ms Hansen, Room 2220

Aaron Jones

This is my first year at Hinkley and I look forward to teaching a passion of mine, Business. Even though I sold my own business a few years ago, I am still actively involved in several business ventures. I am a husband and father of three. I enjoy sports, going to the beach, and snowboarding when I can.

My undergraduate degree is from East Carolina University in Economics with a minor in Business. I also hold a Masters in Education from University of Colorado Denver. I am very excited to share my knowledge and cultivate relationships that flourish for years to come. I look forward to meeting all of the T-Bird community.

Mr Jones, Room 2513

Katy Limes

KidsTek, Room 2407